How Cruise Control Can Contribute to a Car Accident

Cruise control can make a long drive substantially easier. By placing a car in cruise control, a driver can relax and simply allow the vehicle to do some of the driving. However, allowing cruise control to fully take over can be risky because it can give some drivers a false sense of security. This might lead to the driver not showing caution and colliding with your vehicle. If this has happened to you, then you might have a motor vehicle accident claim.

1. Driving Under Normal Circumstances

Many drivers would normally drive while drowsy or distracted. However, drivers who do not use adaptive cruise control might drive more vigilantly because they know that they are in full control when operating their vehicles. 

2. Adaptive Cruise Control

When operating a car under adaptive cruise control, drivers often have a false sense of security. Then, the driver is less likely to take safety measures and is more likely to get involved in a car accident. For example, if you are forced to slow down because a driver in the lane next to you pulls out in front, you may be rear-ended if a driver behind you hits you with a rear-end collision. The driver might also almost miss an exit and change lanes abruptly right into your car. After the collision, you should contact a motor vehicle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

3. Adverse Weather Conditions

Adaptive cruise control should not be used under adverse weather conditions. On a wet road, the vehicle might begin to slide. While drivers are sometimes considered less liable if they have an accident under adverse weather conditions, your motor vehicle accident lawyer may have an easier time proving that the other driver was liable if he can prove that the driver was using adaptive cruise control when it is snowing, raining, or sleeting.

4. Cruise Control on Back Roads

Some drivers can even fall asleep on back roads when using cruise control. This is a common cause of accidents. Therefore, drivers are advised to not use cruise control in these situations and you may have a case if a driver using cruise control hits you on a back road. 

If you were in an accident with a driver using cruise control, it might be difficult to prove. However, with the help of a motor vehicle accident lawyer, you can at least prove that the driver was negligent and that this negligence caused the accident.

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