Worker's Compensation Benefits: 4 Filing Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you sustain injuries while on duty, filing for worker's compensation benefits is crucial in ensuring that you can cover your bills while you recover. While it's your employer's responsibility to collect the benefits you're entitled to, they can sometimes put their interests first, and this is why you need a worker's compensation lawyer. They do this because they know most workers are often not well-informed on how filing compensation works. This means that if you make a mistake in the process, the chances are that it will cost you. Here are a few mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Never underreport your injuries

A common mistake that most injured workers make is failing to describe the accident correctly. When filing your worker's compensation claim, your worker's compensation attorney will ensure you specify how your accident happened. If you underreport your injury, you hinder any chances of a successful claim. Downplaying the severity of your injuries early on makes it difficult to obtain the medical benefits you need in the future if the injury becomes serious.

2. Don't assume that the medical advice you receive is adequate

While it's necessary to seek medical assistance from a medical provider pre-approved by your employer, you shouldn't solely rely on their medical advice. Some doctors may not have your best interests at heart. By working with a knowledgeable worker's compensation lawyer, you can seek treatment from a physician of your choice. This can happen if you believe that the doctor pre-approved by your employer prematurely discharges you from care. 

3. Filling claim forms without the guidance of an attorney

It's not mandatory to have a worker's compensation lawyer when filing for benefits. Filing a worker's compensation claim requires that you fill specific forms accurately. If you miss a deadline, misstate or omit information, it could cost you the compensation you've been longing for. Your lawyer will ensure that your claim is filed correctly and on time. They'll also take extra measures to safeguard your rights throughout the claim process.

4. Don't go back to work too soon

After your work injuries, don't be in a rush to return to work. Going back to work before you receive approval from your doctor is a costly mistake. You're likely to re-injure yourself, be less productive, or even make your injuries worse. If your doctor advises you to go to work, and you believe you've not fully recovered, or your employer decides to reduce your pay after you resume work, seek the help of a worker's compensation lawyer

Seeking worker's compensation benefits is a complicated process that requires you to seek legal counsel. Besides helping you meet deadlines for the important paperwork, your worker's compensation lawyer will protect your right to fair compensation. 

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