Legally Settling a Dispute After a Dog Attack

No matter how well-behaved a dog may seem, he or she can attack an unsuspecting victim in the blink of an eye. Depending on the severity of the attack, the victim can be left with life-changing scars, or even disfigurement. It is the duty of a dog owner to take financial responsibility when his or her pet attacks someone, whether it be via insurance or a personal bank account. If a victim has been denied compensation, a lawsuit can be filed against the dog owner to ensure he or she is held liable. If you or someone you know was attacked and seriously injured by a dog, a dog bite lawyer should be hired without hesitation.

Do You Know the Dog's Owner?

Suing a dog's owner can be stressful when he or she is a friend or family member. However, taking legal action does not mean that there has to be chaos involved. For example, a lawyer can actually assist with saving your relationship with the dog's owner by setting up a mediation session to cordially discuss the attack rather than going to court. The other party will have the opportunity to explain why he or she does not want to pay for your injuries, while your lawyer explains why he or she should. Court will only be necessary if the other party does not agree to settle the dispute via mediation, or offers you an unfair settlement amount.

Were You Left Disfigured After the Attack?

Getting attacked by a dog goes to a new level when the victim is left disfigured, which is common when dogs attack a victim's face. For example, there have been cases where dogs bit off parts of the face and other areas of a victim's head that could never be returned to normal. If you were left disfigured and need to undergo plastic surgery, a lawyer can hold the other party liable for your surgery expenses. Even if your doctor said that plastic surgery is only possible later in the healing process, future medical expenses will be included in your lawsuit. Your embarrassment, mental anguish, and depression from the incident can be held liable by the other party as well.

Does the Dog Have Behavioral Problems?

Another important aspect of a dog attack case is the temperament of the dog in question. For example, if the owner knows that his or her dog has behavioral problems, he or she should be extra cautious about taking the dog around people. Even if you were at the owner's house, the dog should have been placed in a crate during your visit. A lawyer will be inquisitive about the breed of dog that attacked you, especially if it is a breed that has a reputation for being aggressive.

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